Everything you need to go cashless

EMV Certified Card Readers
Detailed Telemetry
Secure Gateway Processing
Merchant Accounts


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Maximize Profits by Cutting Costs

Secure Transaction Processing

Detailed Telemetry & Reporting

Increase Sales & Average Spend

Enjoy the Benefits of Cashless Payments

Since 2015, 3 out of 4 unattended payments are paid by card, and tap and go payments account for 90% of these

casless vending credit card reader
Detailed telemetry dashboard

Giving You the Tools to Drive your Business

Comprehensive telemetry provides; Real-time sales  and inventory tracking, fleet and technical monitoring, profitability analysis, alerting schedules and more.


Generate More Sales and Reduce Costs

Increase average spend and number of transactions by giving customers the option to pay by card and reduce cash handling costs


EMV certified credit card reader cashless vending

Robust, Fully Certified, Industry Proven Hardware

Exclusive to Vend Access in Australia, the OTI™ hardware is EMV certified, removing chargeback risks


Instant Merchant Accounts Available

Don’t already have a merchant account for card payments? Don’t sweat, we can give you a low rate account immediately


cashless vending merchant account

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