Detailed Telemetry

Real-time, comprehensive cloud based telemetry allowing you to monitor and control your fleet…. wherever you are


  • Real-time product, financial & technical data
  • Real-time machine fleet monitoring
  • Real-time sales tracking and reporting
  • Machine inventory / stock level tracking
    Cash control
  • Refill route planning and tasks
  • Mobile app for on-road personnel
  • Detailed technical monitoring
  • Customizable alerting schedules
  • Forecasting and planning tools
  • Sales analysis per client/location/machine/
  • Remote machine configuration changes


  • Complete system for unattended vending machine market
  • Supporting the entire business lifecycle management:
    • Cashless payment
    • Terminal and VM online management
    • Telemetry: Cash, Stock, Alerts, Route planning, and Business optimization
  • Modular approach:
    • Support add/remove system modules
    • Open platform for integrators to add their own modules
  • Eliminates unnecessary visits and service time
  • Decrease vending machine down-time
  • Saving you 25% in fuel costs
  • Increase knowledge of customer spending behaviour

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